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Since 2012, we have been offering the best quality custom party favors at the lowest price online. All our custom products are printed in USA. We ship out thousands of orders each month and have become industry experts in what we do. If for any reason, you are not fully satisfied with your order then we will do our best to make you happy Or issue full refund (eligible products have to be returned to get full refund). Below is a small snapshot of the 100,000s of happy customers we have served over the years.

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    • Crystal Horton

      The match boxes are so cute! I love them and can’t wait to hand them out at my wedding with the matching candles I got from this website.

    • Victoria Sue

      ABSOLUTELY STUNNING metallic print. It looks much, much better than the listing image. Definitely makes these budget sunglasses look fancy.

    • Heather Powell

      I like the pleasant scent of candles, they were delivered on time. Make sure to convey your deadline to this company if you have a tight deadline. They went above and beyond to deliver our order on a tight time frame. Love this site.

    • Kimberly Smith

      Love how the candles look and smell! Sturdy metal tin and smooth finish, was not expecting this high quality container for the cheap price.

    • Kristin Mays

      They really went out of the way to make this custom for me in regards to colors and design! Shipped very fast! Highly recommended!!!

    • Pamela Becker

      I thought I was going to have to put the stickers on my sunglasses but when they arrived it was already done! I’m also impressed with how they look and how to wear! They’re not cheap plastic in my personal opinion. I’ve had those previously and these are not it. They came to me by the time I needed them. I’m also impressed with the quick response time when I email them!!

    • Krista Tuick

      A beautiful and useful wedding favor. I am sure all the guests will love them. Can’t wait to share with them.

    • Shemika Gooden

      Second time buying from this site! Excellent product. Love the customization done on these bottle stoppers.

    • Renee Dickey

      The product was just as advertised. Ordered 200 pieces and they all came perfect. Highly recommend.

    • Hillary

      Wanted a rush delivery, order was delivered on time. Make sure to convey your deadline in your order. Love these favors.

    • Hannah Mateo

      Love my custom tags. Could not find a better price online. I have purchased tags from other sites before, nothing matched the quality of these tags.

    • Sam10

      Love these candy jars, they’re super cute. We used ours as spice jars after the event.

    • Stephanie Salah

      Adorable lotion bottles. Our custom design looks great on these bottles. Will definitely buy again. thanks!!!

    • Erin Durant

      Love these cute bottles! Can’t wait to give to our guest! A++++

    • Kacee Flemister

      wonderful, exactly just what I wanted for my wedding party

    • Amanda Damian

      Sturdy and beautiful spoons. Perfect for our wedding’s theme. Can’t wait to share them with our guests.

    • Susan Kent

      perfect favors for our bridal shower. bride and guests loved these mirrors. will be back for more.

    • Maja Bhandal

      These keychains are perfect for my tea party favor. It was a big order, Arrived on time. Will be back.

    • Anna West

      Love these coasters. Nicely gift wrapped. Custom tags were easy to attach to each gift wrapped coaster. High quality product. Definitely recommend!

    • Milena Wiebb

      Purchased 4 different designs and a mix of matchbox colors. Entire order arrived perfect. Highly recommend.

    • Annette Connell

      Our match boxes turned out great. Perfect as favors for our October wedding. Cheapest price we could find online and the design is adorable.

    • Mariano L

      I am very happy with my match boxes and I will recommend this site to my friends and family.

    • Corrine Fortier

      Love our match boxes. Design looks great. They are perfect for our cigar bar. Will definitely buy again.

    • Patricia Gonzalez

      Cute and properly assembled matchboxes. Best price online. Was perfect for our cigar bar. Our guests loved these favors.

    • Tara Rohde

      Great product quality! Greatly appreciate the free assembly. Definitely best deal online. A++++

    • Laci Menzano

      Bought this along with another match box design. Came nicely assembled and on time! Highly Recommend. Could not find a better deal online.

    • Milena Coscia

      I ordered these matches for my wedding! They came on time and were beautiful. I would highly recommend these for your special occasion!!

    • Linda Elvert

      Perfect addition to our cigar bar. Received them quickly and there was no issues getting the print I wanted.

    • samantha johnson

      Love the match boxes!! They came out super cute and arrived on time. Thank you

    • Samantha Harris

      Cute favors. We love it. Great quality. Nicely gift wrapped. Definitely will recommend this site to everyone I know. Thanks!

    • Caroline D

      Love my tote bags. Excited to share them with my bridesmaids. Thanks! A+++

    • Amanda Higgins

      Wow, the metallic print really pops. Much better looking than from product image. Will be telling all my friends to order from here.

    • Ginny Bedon

      Love the metallic prints on the totes. My bridesmaids loved their totes too. Purchased a different color for each bridesmaid based on their personality, my girls loved it. Best price I could find online. Highly recommend.

    • Amanda Villaret

      Bought bottle openers as our favors. They were delivered on time and is made of sturdy metal. Everyone loved it. Give it 10 stars if I can.

    • Kayla Barbo

      If I could give more than 5 stars I would! I had a tight deadline to meet for a party and they provided great detail about how to order with ease and ensure my shipment would arrive in time. These glasses are a great quality for the cost and extra bonus not having to put the stickers on myself! The shipment arrived promptly and better than expected!

    • Jennifer Lewis

      Wow! Lovely fans. I love them. Can’t wait to share them with my guests.

    • Emily Phillips

      Love the fans! Our guests loved them. The sandlewood fragrance makes it more special.

    • Patricia Harris

      Love the fans and sandlewood smell. Our guest appreciated their fan at our beach wedding. Great product for the price.

    • Laci Menzano

      Bought this along with another match box design. Came nicely assembled and on time! Highly Recommend. Could not find a better deal online.

    • Catherine Metz

      We ordered over 100 bottles. They are cute bottles. Came nicely assembled. Love the design. Definitely the cheapest price online for these hand sanitizers.

    • Corrine Salter

      Purchased this along with other favors. Everything came out perfect. Will definitely be back for future party favors.

    • Angela Thomas

      Love the custom print on our hand sanitizers. Thanks for assembling all 200 bottles, saved me a lot of work.

    • Troy

      Love these cute little bottles! Our custom print looks great on them. Best deal online. Will definitely buy again.

    • carli johnson

      I truly love this site. The favors are always perfect and the customer service is incredible. Thank you for making another occasion a success!

    • Angie Parente

      The candles are perfect, nicely packed and has a good scent to it. They shipped on time, and we had no issues.

    • Karen Torres

      Great looking candles with nice smell. Delivered on time. Was a hit at our party. Greatly appreciate the free assembly!

    • Erika Tarango

      Shipped quickly, the shop replies fast and addressed some issues we had with our order.

    • Francis Weber

      Perfect favors!! We love the airplanes and gift packing. Custom tags came perfect as well. Definitely recommend this product and site.

    • Caitlin Wiggle

      Very happy with our purchase. Ordered a bunch of items from this site. They all look great. Definitely recommend this site.

    • Madison Hall

      Brought these sunglasses after I was disappointed with sunglasses from another site that required me to assemble. The stickers were visible badly on that sunglasses, even after the hazzle of assembling them myself. Bestpricefavors did a great job with their free assembly service, stickers were nicely cut and was hardly noticeable. Definitely a professional job. Best deal online. Will buy again in a heartbeat.

    • Megan Russell

      Absolutely love our sunglasses! You cannot get a better deal online. No one offers the crazy customization I requested for my order. Make sure you convey your deadline if you are on a tight schedule. This is my new site to order custom products!!

    • Lanee Joseph

      I can’t say enough good things about this company or these glasses. I ordered some for my 5th graders and now I’m ordering more. Like everyone I was VERY skeptical. Everything was perfect. They shipped quickly, the customer service was phenomenal, and the glasses were all top quality. Will be ordering from this company for ALL my personalized needs. Love love love.

    • Antoinette Tedor

      Lip balms look really cute with our custom design. Smaller than what I wanted, but it’s my mistake for not checking the dimensions before ordering. Other than that, I will recommend this favor to anyone.

    • Nicole Richardson

      They are so cute. Our guests loved these lip balms. Fast shipping. Great service. Highly Recommend!

    • Vikki Gilbert

      Absolutely LOVE these cute lip balms, will be great wedding party favors. Fast shipping. Thanks!

    • Brett McGee

      Perfect towels for our steeler themed party. We had a blast with our towels. Highly recommend.

    • Jim Watson

      Love our towels, they are very cute. Arrived on time. Print looks great. Great work.

    • Sarah Stepper

      Arrived on time. Perfect rally towels for our steeler themed wedding. My fiance’s family is going to love it, they are big steeler fan.

    • Danielle Johnson

      Great towels! They are perfect and arrived on time. Thank you so much!!!

    • Taylor Stevens

      Stunning metallic frames. I did not expect this quality, this was a pleasant surprise. The print is also applied nicely. We were not sure if this is the favor we needed for our wedding, but after receiving the sunglasses I am more than happy we purchased them. We purchased a mix of colors and print options, including bridal prints. Could not find a better deal online. I am sure our guests will love it. Don’t hesitate to buy these sunglasses, you will love it.

    • Shannon Graves

      These turned out great. I was able to customize the match boxes to my wording choice. All the guests at the party loved the personalized touch.

    • Kimberly Smith

      Just received my towels. I LOVEEEE it. Cannot wait to share it with my guests.

    • Lateefat Prinz

      I ordered the metallic gold and silver prints for our sunglasses. They turned out awesome. The print is stunning. We are using them for our shower and as favors for our wedding guests. I’m very happy with how they came out.

    • Patricia Harris

      Was skeptical at first, but I am glad I purchased from this site. The glasses turned out amazing and was delivered on time. Love them.

    • Linda Elvert

      Great communication! Fast shipping! Quality sunglasses for the price! I had an issue with my order and it was resolved in a timely manner. Would definitely order from them again.

    • Emily Phillips

      Purchased these anchor keychains for my bridal party goody bags, everyone loved these items.

    • Courtney Tedor

      OMG!!! I feel like a princess wearing these metallic gold sunglasses. The quality far exceeded what I was expecting. Stunning sunglasses!! I’d buy from this company again in a heartbeat.

    • Jenny Richard

      These were so easy to order and we received so quickly! Can’t wait to give to our wedding guests.

    • Brian Clark

      Purchased these as favors for my daughter’s bridal shower. Everyone loved it. They arrived on time. Love the gift packing and custom tags.

    • Benny C

      Perfect favor! Nicely packaged and delivered on time. Great customer service. Highly recommend this site.

    • Colleen Tavaro

      I really liked the match boxes I ordered, our guests felt the same way. Would definitely buy from this site again!

    • Terri Villabobos

      Love love love these sunglasses! Great quality! Can’t wait to give it to my girls ! Thank you !

    • Andrea Richardson

      We loved these souvenirs for my sister’s wedding! Thank You for overnight shipping and working with us on such a short timeline!!!

    • Vivien Gregan

      I must honestly say I was skeptical at first to order sunglasses, but I am glad I did this purchase. We love our sunglasses and our guests had a blast wearing them at our outdoor beach wedding. Have told my friends to buy from here, as well. Keep up the great work.

    • Mikala Walters

      I am very pleased with our match boxes. Our custom print looks great. It was a large order and everything came out perfect.

    • Brooke Rey

      Perfect! Exactly like what I wanted. Order arrived nicely assembled and packed. Very happy with my purchase. Thanks!

    • Arsenio Wicklund

      Love our match boxes. Came nicely assembled. Definitely the best price online. Our new site for favors.

    • Andrea Richardson

      These shades turned out wonderful! Even though the original color options weren’t available for the full order, you were willing to add a couple other colors and do the writing with gold which everyone loved! Thank you for getting these to us in time for our big day even though you had to do 2-day shipping. We greatly appreciate all your work!

    • Catherine Mitchell

      Thank you for helping me pick the perfect favor! The matchboxes arrived on time and were exactly as pictured. I can’t wait to give them to our guests!!

    • Jenny Richard

      Beautiful looking match boxes. Love it. Best deal found online. Highly recommend!

    • Kelly Mitchell

      Love these mason jars. Much bigger than what I imagined from product image. Quality glass.

    • Becky Varghese

      Beautiful coasters! They arrived nicely packed and on time. They are perfect. I will be ordering more soon.

    • Sumeet Jain

      Wow!! They are much bigger than what I thought. Looks amazing! Can’t wait to share with our guests! Purchased a few items from this site and everything came out perfect. My new destination for custom favors.

    • Becky Varghese

      These bottle openers are perfect for our beach wedding. Packaging and custom tags were perfect for our theme. Highly recommend!!!

    • Yancy Collins

      Looks exactly as pictured, sturdy and has a very good weight to it. Bigger than what I thought from image. Does not look cheap. Eager to share them with guests at our beach wedding.

    • Maryann Lewis

      Cute tags. Best price I could find online. I love the quality as well. A+

    • Katherine McMillan

      Beautiful coasters. Excellent quality. Better than what I expected for this cheap price. Best price online.

    • Emily Phillips

      Purchased these marble coasters for my bridal party goody bags, everyone loved these items.

    • Nicole White

      Thanks to bestpricefavors for this great product and customer support! We love this favor, came gift packed like in product image.

    • Tasha Mariani

      Love the tins and personalized label. I filled them with jelly beans that match our wedding theme along with mints. They look so cute!!! Excited to give them to our guests.

    • Lisa Shutt

      Ordered these sanitizers for our wedding guests and they are perfect!! So happy with my order!!

    • Tatiana Brooker

      Really Cute! Love it! Our guests loved their favors too. We purchased a bunch of items from this site. All A++++

    • Tiffany K

      Very cute and arrived on time!!! So happy with my purchase for my sister’s baby shower

    • Leora

      Exactly as pictured! Arrived on time for our event.

    • Ginger D

      Great quality labels and bottles, shipping fast for our rush order!

    • Rebecca Pocock

      Beautiful print. I would purchase from this website again.

    • Hillary D

      Definitely recommend.. high quality print!

    • Daisy F

      They are super cute! And looks just like the picture! Definitely will order again!!

    • Kate Bryant

      I love these bottles and my custom labels! They will be perfect for my party! So happy to find these bottles!

    • Lalla Ryan

      Beautiful and came to us so quickly! We can’t wait to use them at our shower!

    • Kimberly

      Just as pictured. Perfect for our shower. Came very quickly. Tag looks great. Very happy!!

    • kerri

      Thank you again for these well made favor!!!

    • Jennifer Ayeras

      Turned out exactly how pictured! Our daughter will love these for her shower.

    • Kristina V

      Order shipped on time. They were able to accommodate a change in the color of the tags. Keychains are as pictured.

    • Lisa Martinez

      These were perfect for our tables and such fun favors.

    • Sydney B

      They are the perfect thank you gifts for my shower.

    • Lindsey Lynn

      Excellent personalized baby shower favors! They did a wonderful job! Thanks so much!

    • Himesh P

      Perfect for my Daughter’s Baby Shower! Support was great to work with. Fast delivery!!

    • Griselda S

      Love these heart candles. Sturdy and beautiful. Will definitely buy more.

    • Debby Pataky

      These are ABSOLUTELY perfect !! They are beautiful and useful favors and I can’t wait to give them out !!

    • Cathy Bouie

      The favours were delivered on time. They came out just as I imagined with great price. 10/10 recommend

    • Alison S

      I love my bottles and I’m sure our guests will too!!

    • Madison White

      Cute bottles. Love how they turned out.

    • Samantha Brand

      These turned out super cute, would definitely wouldn’t hesitate buying from this website

    • Margie Harris

      Cute bottles. Arrived on time. Our guests loved them. Will definitely buy again from your site.

    • Margie Silva

      The bottles were fun as baby shower favors. Great price for assembled bottles, love the personalized labels. Arrived on time for my event. Just what I needed for a last minute baby shower

    • Shemika Gooden

      Brought this for my sister’s baby shower. Everyone loved it. This site also sells bigger models of this bottle if you want to hold lot of candy in each bottle. This bottle is the cutest favor I have seen. OMG. I keep one on my table at work, it is a great conversation starter.

    • Loretta Fata

      Perfect little favor containers for our baby shower. Our custom labels looks great on these bottles.

    • Very happy with my order. Ordered few baby shower favors. I love my favors. Will be back for future parties.

    • Jillian Creek

      Cute bottles. Ordered few baby shower favors from this website. Order came in perfect. Definitely recommend this site.

    • Angela Thomas

      Adorable bottles. Love the little pacifier attached to bottle with ribbon. Makes it extra special. Highly recommend this site.

    • Melissa Gonzalez

      Love these cute baby bottles. They look adorable. Perfect for a baby shower. Greatly appreciate the free assembly service. A+++

    • Ann Hoffend

      Ordered these bottles and lip balms. So CUTE!!! These are the cutest favors I have seen. Absolutely love them all

    • Petrea Wade

      Cute keychains! I can’t wait to give these to my guests

    • Claudette Dolan

      Love these key chains. Purchased along with a few items, our guests loved them all. They are perfect for goody bags. A++++

    • Patricia Gacic

      Second time ordering my favors from this site and I have been happy with the products and delivery time.

    • Farine Cohen

      Ordered these key chains for my baby shower. Also ordered customized tags. They were well made. Tags arrived separately and I had to put them on myself, but that was fine with me. The keychains are cute and make great favors. Remember to add to your order the date you need them. Favors arrived on time and customer service was good. I will definitely reorder from this website.

    • Shemika Gooden

      Looks AMAZING in person. Best deal I could find with custom tags. Will definitely buy again from this site.

    • Breann Stevens

      Very happy with our order. Candles and custom tags look perfect.

    • Melissa Ferguson

      Cute candles. perfect for my party’s theme. arrived on time. will be back for more.

    • Tracey Gibson

      Beautiful candles. Purchased a few favors from this site. Everything came on time and in perfect condition. Will be recommending to all my friends.

    • Barb Ohler

      Beautiful and cute key chains. Perfect for our baby shower or any baby shower. Don’t hesitate to buy these favors.

    • Tanis Davis

      Super cute, color is prettier than picture. Custom tags came just like we wanted. Will definitely buy again.

    • Collin Roy

      You helped make our baby shower a success. Excellent quality products!

    • Carmen Harris

      Purchased this along with other items. Everything arrived on time. Great quality. great price. Thanks!

    • Adrian Bautista

      Perfect for my baby shower! Thanks so much!!!

    • Courtney Debson

      Cute bottles. Our custom design looks great on bottle. Definitely recommend this item as a useful favor.

    • Kaila Poisson

      Love these cute little bottles! Ordered along with whale bottle opener for an animal themed party. Perfect for our goody bags!

    • Carmen Lavaro

      Love these keychains. The delivery came right when we wanted! Love this site

    • Nicole Evans

      Love these cute favors. Came nicely gift packed. Custom tags look great. Thanks!

    • Courtney Tedor

      Cute little key chains! Perfect for our animal themed party. Purchased along with few other favors. Everything came out great, in cute little gift packing. Love our custom tags too, they do come in separate package like description says.

    • Carter Coscia

      WOW! Love these sneakers. they look so cute. Came nicely packed and on time. Wish I had purchased more, but my event is over.

    • Nesha Watson

      Purchased for my sister-in-law, she loved it. They are soooooo cute!! They come nicely gift packaged.

    • Claudette Dolan

      Love these sneakers. Our guests loved them too, was perfect for our goody bags. A++++

    • Kathy Keogh

      Candles are much bigger than I thought. Definitely looks better than in product image. Very happy with my order. Thanks!

    • Camilla Hirsch

      Love our candles. They were perfect for our party’s theme. Our guests loved their favors. Happy customer.

    • Rita Walsh

      I bought 60 of these for my baby shower and they were perfect. Loved them, and received in a week. Would order again.

    • Mary Moses

      Great quality and came quickly. My guests and friends really liked these coasters

    • Denise Mccoun

      Awesome labels. Used it for our big baby shower party. Had them in ice buckets, nothing came off the labels as advertised. Perfect.

    • Yasmin White

      Love our water bottle labels. Excellent quality for the price. Could not find a better price online. Definitely recommend.

    • Adona Brackett

      The labels look great. Waterproof like it’s advertised. Best price online. Great company to work with.

    • Kari Ohler

      Wow! Love these key chains. Can’t wait to share with our guests. Thanks!

    • Maria Harris

      Cute lip balm favors. Good customer support. Will be back for other events.

    • Laci Menzano

      Purchased these for my sister’s baby shower. They are the cutest favors I have seen. Greatly appreciate the free assembly, saved me the hazzle. Will be back for other events!

    • Ann Hoffend

      So CUTE!!! These are the cutest favors I have seen. Absolutely love them.

    • Hillary Sullivan

      Beautiful keychains. Was perfect for our party’s theme. Everyone loved their key chains. A+++

    • Amanda Villaret

      Cute sunglasses. Great for our party. Highly recommend the personalization done on the glasses.

    • Patricia French

      Perfect favor for our party’s theme. Our guests loved their favors. Thanks!

    • Megan Russell

      Purchased these favors for my sister’s baby shower. She loved it! Guests loved it too! It was perfect for her ‘star is born’ themed shower.

    • Samantha Pons

      Beautiful labels. Love the print. They also fit perfectly in regular water bottles we got from store. We will be placing the bottles in ice bucket, these waterproof labels are perfect for our party. Best price I could find online.